Hello! We are the Taisey Family!

A dream to travel has engulfed our family.  Living on a boat presented a compelling affordable means of transportation for our family of six, to accomplish this dream.  We thought it would be years down the road, but God had other plans.  As a family, we have abandoned ourselves into the Loving Arms of our LORD, exchanging our material things for whatever future He calls us to.

As we live aboard our 1976 Cruise-a-home, I am inspired by Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. The love and dedication Ma and Pa had to Jesus, each other and their children, are praise worthy to me to emulate.  I marvel at the “one room schoolhouse” mentality as I home school my children in different grades and am consistently challenged to check my attitude as we accomplish daily chores without the normal dishwasher and washing machine aboard.

I am honored you have chosen to read and subscribe to our story, getting to know our family as I journal our daily adventures with its many trials and triumphs, twists and turns, lessons, perspectives and blessings living in 238 sq ft, on a boat, will bring.

May God’s Peace be with you!




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