Chapter 3: Proud Owners of a 1976 Cruise-a-home for $500!

January 30, 2017.  We were told the engines were seized and had not started in 20 years. The inside needed to be gutted to get rid of all water damage and years of neglect.   The layout was like a one tiny bedroom apartment. The owner needed to get the boat out of Seattle the following day, or he would pay to destroy the boat that very afternoon. Our fleece before the Lord was, if we could buy this boat for $500 when the asking price was $5,000, we would be certain this was God’s will for us and we would be “all in”.

The owner agreed.

Ryan spent the rest of the evening figuring out how to tow the boat from Lake Union to Port of Everett’s repair yard.

Bright and early on January 31st, we bundled our children and brought them to examine their new home for the first time. They, like their daddy, were giddy with excitement and optimism at how this vessel would enrich our lives. I was equally filled with wonder at how God so quickly orchestrated the circumstances, and overwhelmed at how I’m going to pare down our belongings from 2,200 sq ft to 238. Ryan shook hands with the owner and handed him $500.  We were proud owners of a 1976 40’ Cruise-a-home! Our faith journey of literally walking on water, had officially begun. Ryan, Joy and Arianna stayed aboard as our boat was towed through the Ballard Locks. Felicity, Caleb and I watched our home float on through. Due to a small craft advisory, we docked her in Shilshore Marina.


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