Chapter 22: Cruising, Fishing, Friends and Blessings living at the Port

At the end of the year, I have always enjoyed looking back to see where God has brought us. Joyfully, here are some highlights from our first year living aboard!

In July, Ryan and a good friend, hooked up hydraulic steering to the upper helm.  For two and a half months Ryan had used our boat’s throttles and shifter to maneuver us on our short trips.

We love getting off the dock any chance we get!  So when we were asked by a previous wedding client if we were available to photograph her sister’s wedding at Rosario Resort and Spa in Orcas Island, we were giddy with excitement when we realized we could cruise our home to its marina!  This is the way to travel for work!!

For the past year, we’ve been watching other sailing families fish for their meals, pulling huge whoppers out of the ocean within seconds of the camera being on.  Arianna, our 9-year-old,  has been dying to fish ever since.  Her ambition is to reel in a Mahi-Mahi.  We tell her one day she might be able to, but they just aren’t plentiful in the Pacific Northwest.  🙂  Celebrating her 9th birthday, Ryan and I blessed her with her first rod and tackle box.  Giddy with excitement and enthusiasm she watched Ryan cast the line, so sure within minutes she’d pull in her first big fish!

Three hours later, without so much as a nibble, she got tired and wanted to go back to the dock where she could pull in fingerlings without much effort.  I thought how true that is about dreams.  They require much more than high hopes and lofty positive thoughts.  They require patience, perseverance, determination, tenacity, fortitude and time.

Throughout the summer, we have met so many wonderful people who once were strangers, and within minutes became friends.  They have helped us with many projects by giving advice, encouragement, time and muscle or just plain fun!  Thank you to our boating community friends!!  Your friendship means the world to us!


One of the coolest things about living aboard in a marina, is our constant ability to meet and help other boaters during the busy summer season.  It’s fun jumping out of our boat to help dock other boaters when the current is ripping in or out, or to give someone a tow when their engine dies.  This life is full of blessings in disguise!  After towing this sweet couple to the fishing pier, they offered to take Ryan and Arianna salmon fishing.  Arianna finally caught the big fish she’s been waiting for!

Friday nights in August, we delightedly attended a few of the Port’s Sail in Movies.  The most memorable evening was when Monroe’s Reptile Man came and spoke about his different reptiles. The kids loved touching and holding the many different creatures.

We have some very kind boat neighbors.  Most of them are seasonal or come sporadically to the dock when they can…especially in the cold season.  For each of our kid’s birthday’s, our boat neighbor had left a special gift for them.  For Joy’s birthday, she strung a “Happy Birthday” banner inside her boat to surprise Joy on her birthday morning.  With her, we entered November’s Salmon Fishing Derby and had a blast catching fish left and right, despite the cold!  For Christmas time, she brought a small Christmas tree and strung lights inside her cabin so we would see festive lights.  She loves to fish and enjoys having the kids over to her boat for the afternoon.  We are so blessed with the people who make up our marine community!  Boaters, janitors, port workers, captains and deckhands, office workers, barista and post office ladies…they all have become so special to us and have become our neighbors and cherished friends!  I love our marine community!!

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  1. I love reading your blog. So many wonderful years


  2. We were blessed to have your help. It was a joy to take Ryan and Arianna fishing.


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