Chapter 9: We Did It! Cruise-a-Home Rebuild Break Down

April 22nd.  Our boat came out of the repair yard and was put back into the water!

We did it!!

We found and purchased this boat on January 31st for $500.


Cruise-a-home remodel

It took two days to tow her to Everett’s repair yard.


Surprisingly, we found out her two inboard motors do indeed work and after 20 years of neglect and sound amazing!


Completely sanded bottom

In the midst of selling, donating, tossing and moving out of our house in February, we completely gutted her in three days.


In March and April, we put her back together in 28 days!

I know I started this blog post with this same statement, but I am overcome with enthusiasm that we accomplished our goal and crossed the finish line!

Our boat came out of the repair yard and we splashed down today!!  We did it!!!


Our boat in the travel lift


About to splash down (be put back into the water)


Home Sweet Home, back in the water!

The rain and wind had stopped and the sun warmed us up with its proud glory, as if to say, “Well done!” While Ryan connected wiring for the lights, the kids and I strolled around the marina, familiarizing ourselves with our new neighborhood.


As the sun set, our kids crawled into their new bunks, not minding snuggling together, resting on plywood. They are thrilled to be aboard, enjoying the gentle rocking of our new home. We’re finally all together in the home Ryan and I worked so hard to build!

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