Chapter 10: We Moved Aboard Our Cruise-a-Home!!

April 26th. Home. A place that is our own. Though I am so thankful to my in-laws for their generosity at allowing us to crash at their house for two months, there is indeed, no place like our own home. Our children have bunk beds. A plywood table by day converts to Ryan and my bed at night. We have a plywood counter top and electricity to power a griddle, hot plate and kettle. I can fill a water jug from the side window to wash our dishes and hands. Feeling as though we’re “camping”, we walk to the public restrooms a short jaunt away.

Thankfully, by the end of the first week aboard, Ryan attached the kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Late one night the older girls helped him successfully hook up all the electrical to attain running water. Within a day or two of that, a new friend from the repair yard graciously stopped by after work and patiently squeezed his body into our storage bench to hook up our electric macerating toilet on the other side. Thank you Phil!!!!

By May 13th, my father-in-law was able to come hook up propane to the stove so I could begin using our three burner stove/oven.  We also hung six 16″x48″ shelves from our previous house, to give us a “closet” and organize our clothes.  Such a little things I took for granted; like running water from a faucet, letting dirty dish water go down the sink instead of collecting it in a bucket and throwing it out the window, a working toilet in the house, are transforming my family into very grateful family!

Pacing ourselves slowly, we gradually moved in. Whatever we brought into the boat, had to be of absolute necessity. Being reunited with our things that would make life, “normal” again, was like opening much-anticipated gifts on Christmas morning!

Ryan and I did it! Our family courageously and triumphantly pulled through this huge transition. We are home!


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